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EST 2019

MxDSupplyCo. operates as a key business branch of MXD Group Sdn Bhd. Launched in 2019, it quickly gained recognition as a premier Malaysian wallet brand, celebrated for its innovative and high-quality offerings. Initially, the brand started with a modest production run of 300 units, but due to increasing demand and widespread acclaim, it has significantly scaled up its production to over 2,000 units. The inaugural products, which included the Cavalier 2.0, Consigliere, and Prompt, set a high standard for the brand. 

Today, MxDSupplyCo. boasts an extensive product line that includes Smart Wallets, Strap Card Holder, Stack MagSafe Wallet, and MagSafe Card Holder and many more. This diverse range caters to the needs of modern consumers seeking both functionality and style. The brand’s relentless dedication to quality and innovation has not only fortified its domestic market presence but also facilitated its expansion into international markets. MxDSupplyCo.’s products are now proudly available in countries such as Korea, Mexico, Poland, UAE, Germany, Singapore and more. Showcasing the brand's global appeal and robust growth trajectory.


EST 2023

MXD Group Sdn Bhd, the parent company behind the MxDSupplyCo. brand, was officially established in 2023, evolving from its former identity as Maixdet Trading. The company is built around three core projects: the MxD Supply Co., comprehensive marketing services, and a dynamic hit-and-run business model. 

In addition to its own ventures, MXD Group Sdn Bhd also acts as a supplier for various local products, including water bottles and traditional Malay shirt buttons. This diverse product offering showcases the company's versatility and commitment to supporting local industries. Among our notable clients is Hitam Premium, along with many other distinguished brands.

MXD Group Sdn Bhd also specializes in providing top-tier marketing services, particularly in the realm of social media. Our expertise in this area helps businesses enhance their online presence and engage more effectively with their target audiences. For a detailed look at the brands that have partnered with and benefited from our services, you can visit the "Our Clients" section. This portfolio highlights the extensive and varied collaborations that MXD Group Sdn Bhd has cultivated, underscoring our reputation as a reliable and innovative business partner.

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Customer-Centric Excellence

We prioritize our customers in everything we do. By understanding their needs, preferences, and behaviors, we create tailored marketing solutions that resonate and build lasting relationships.

Innovative Leadership

We embrace the latest technologies and trends to stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually improve and deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We are dedicated to promoting sustainability and ethical practices in all our marketing efforts. Transparency, honesty, and social responsibility are at the core of our operations, ensuring we build a trusted and credible brand.


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